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Fishing Gear Request?

Can you help provide some resources for the Auckland Brain Injury Centre.

As many are aware our daughter spent some time there last year.

She has made a full recovery and the centre is doing an extraordinary work for victims of Brain Injury and their families.


After having spent some time there I wondered what I could do to help them out. It seems that as part of the recovery process they gradually transition their patients into normal life practices which include recreational activities.


I asked them a question relating to some resources they might use. They responded, “that quite a number have an interest in fishing” and so as part of their rehabilitation they take them out to do some fishing.


If there are individuals within our church groups that are able to help by donating some older and currently unused fishing gear, I could get it up to the centre at some time in the future.


This could include any tackle, rods, handlines, nets and even waterproof overalls. Almost anything fishing would be accepted. 

(Boats and  draglines might be a bit beyond me and the centre to handle.)


Thank you for your help in this regard.


Please contact me if you can help out. 

I am sure the Auckland Brain Injury Centre and the patients will be very appreciative.



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John Smolka SDA Minister Gisborne.

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Home: 06867 4915.



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