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Dear Pastors / Ministers and Church leaders,


FREE TO A GOOD HOME! ... any home?


Over the years Bible in Schools has accumulated a number of resources which have been superseded by changing curricula and are now deemed inappropriate for use in state schools.


We also have a large number of resources which have been rendered obsolete by modern technology- videos!


However many of these resources would be wonderful for church programs; some of them are not very dated and simply contain material which we are no longer allowed to present in our Bible in Schools’ programs.


If anyone would  like free children’s videos, (some of them so new they are still unopened in their plastic wrappings), please would you let me know- my only alternative is to take them to the dump.

Maybe someone still has a functional video player sitting in a corner somewhere, or alternatively has access to the technological equipment required to convert them to DVD format?


Titles include:

Awesome Bible Adventure series

McGee and Me (volumes 1-12)

Vege Tales selection

Max Lucado movies


A variety of Bible-based full length movies (Queen Esther, the Nativity, Jacob’s Gift, The Story behind the Cross, The Jesus movie for children and more.)

These resources would make a wonderful addition to your children’s church or Sunday School cupboards!!


I also have a number of resource books, eg craft ideas for various age groups…….

I really need to find these things a good home- please contact me if you are interested (details below) .


Thanks, Esther


Mrs E Henderson

CRE Advisor

Gisborne/Wairoa/East Coast Region

2627 Whakarau Road

RD 2

Te Karaka 4092

phone:   (06) 8678845


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