OBITUARY: Bruce Mounsey - formerly Gisborne - Morrinsville

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Bruce was a founding member of KCN - we pray for Colleen at this time . .  as we too will miss our dear friend in Christ until we meet again . . .

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Selwyn MOUNSEY Obituary
MOUNSEY, Selwyn Bruce (Bruce). Sadly, I bring you the news that my precious husband Bruce went home to be with the Lord on Saturday 5 August 2023, aged 77 years. We will celebrate Bruce's life at Morrinsville Baptist Church, 56 Moorhouse Street, Morrinsville on Thursday 10 August at 2.00pm. Correspondence to Colleen Mounsey C/- PO Box 439, Hamilton 3240.

Bruce Mounsey 437261

Bruce Mounsey - formerly of Gisborne - now in Morrinsville, NZ

I am a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, loving His church in its varied shapes, sizes, and traditions. I have pastored a local Christian fellowship in Gisborne.
I have spent ten years in the U.K, involved in mission.
My concern is for the future of smaller churches of our nation
My desire is to encourage different models of church for the future


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  Bruce shares via these unique Videos:

 Lord teach me to Pray 300x169

We all pray. The disciples asked, realizing there was more to learn about prayer.
We learn by doing. We improve with practice. Prayer is a dialogue not a monologue.
It is a two-way conversation of speaking and listening to Him.


The Journey 300169

The Journey

What will we take with us this year on the journey?
What will we leave behind?
What will we discard along the way?
Who will travel with us?

Communion 300x168

Communion. Who will serve you?

What is his name?
Jesus Emmanuel. God with us
Jesus Prince of Peace. Do not be afraid.
Jesus Mighty God. Nothing is impossible.

The parable of the jigsaw puzzle 300x170

The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Jesus told parables, sometimes giving interpretations
Other times the listeners had to discover the meaning for themselves.
Discover the difference between our jigsaw and His jigsaw
What does the future look like? How do the pieces fit together?
What are the mistakes we make in trying to discern the future?

Future Church 300x190 

 Future Church  

Jesus said “I will build my church”
What will the church of the future look like?
How will it be different from the past?
In what areas do we need to change?

Treasures Old New 300x170

Treasues Old & New

How can we use old and new treasures for building the future?
What are our anxieties and anticipations for the future?
In 5 years will your group/church look the same or different?

Turning Stones to Bread 300x170

Turning Stones to Bread

The opportunity to turn stones in to bread.
What are the stones we throw?
Bruising or building up the family of God?
Choosing to throw stones or pass bread.

 Bruce Mounsey Gospeil Culture 300x170

Gospel and Culture

Imagine…. what happened when Jesus stayed two nights in a Samaritan village
Who did he say with?
Why did the disciples sleep under the stars?
Jesus was radical, a risk taker, he crossed cultural and religious boundaries
He was not afraid of being misunderstood.

    The Yoke 300x170

The Yoke Matthew 11:28-30  

Jesus said,
“Come to me, take my yoke on you, and learn from me” The yoke is used as an illustration of learning with Jesus 1: Learning new things 2: Unlearning truth and tradition. 3: Relearning what has been lost or forgotten
A disciple is a lifelong learner.

Learning from Children

Learning from Children - Matthew 11:25-26

As adults we can learn from children
We need to rediscover again the child within us. The beautiful simplicity and certainty of children

What would Jesus say . . .

What would Jesus say at our funerals?

What challenging, comforting, insightful, words would he speak to us?
What would he say to those of us who still have life before us?

Throwing Stones by Bruce Mounsey 300x168

Throwing Stones - John 8:1-11

We need to drop the stones that we throw at each other.
Hear Jesus words “Neither do I condemn you” for our secrets from the past
Imagine what possibly happened to the woman after she left Jesus?

The Sowers creed 300x168

The Sowers Creed Matthew 13:1-23

Our creed is what we believe.
I believe in….
The Sower, the soil, the seed, in sowing, in harvesting, and multiplying
We are all Sowers working together as a team

Jesus Prayer for the Church 300x168

Jesus Prayed John 17:1-26, Matthew 26:36-46

John 17 is the longest recorded prayer of Jesus
Praying for protection, unity and love, for the present and future church
Matt 26 The most intense short prayer of Jesus for himself
The war is lost or won in Gethsemane!


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