HOPE Project – the big idea for 2023 in NZ

Project Description

HOPE Project

Hope Project – the big idea

The Hope Project is seeking to see something of the ‘Christ’ staying in our cultural festivals of Christmas and Easter in the public square, with awareness of the significance of this faith in the formation of our cultural values and freedoms. Culture and values are preserved through story!

Our wider strategic suggestion for a number of years has been THREE annual media efforts to fill identified gaps in our wider communications – as the Church as a whole. We engage in these efforts with awareness of the importance of engaging conversation with people in different ways, because these shape public perspectives – which are the starting point for our conversations. Failure to engage can be detrimental because it allows unfairly negative stereotypes to take root – and this dynamic is unfortunately a reality of our times.

HopeProject Banner Delivery

(i) Hope Project Easter – putting Christ back into Easter  (since 2014)

HPC Christmas Banner 2021

(ii) Hope Project Christmas – putting Christ back into Christmas (since 2019)

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(iii) HeLP Project  – highlighting the help on offer from churches within their communities. The hope is that this effort will launch in 2023.

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